How can I enable or disable No-Paper mode

Do this:

  • Press the “Menu” key
  • Select Option 3 (Operation Settings)
  • Select Option 1 (No-Paper Mode)
  • Input the password and press “Enter

How can I make the terminal stop beeping every time I punch a button?

There are two ways to disable the beep:

  • In BroadPos, under the Misc table, disable the buzzer
  • At the terminal level:
  • Press “Menu”
  • Select Option 3 (Operation Settings)
  • Select Option 2 (Buzzer Setup)
  • Select “Off”

I get a “QD” error when I attempt to settle my batch.

  • The “QD” error indicates that the batch number is a repeat of the same batch number recently closed at the host. It may be because another terminal is programmed with the same MID, TID, Terminal Number, etc. as the terminal you are trying to batch (this usually occurs in merchant locations with more than one terminal). If you advance the batch number in your terminal, that should allow you to settle.
  • You should then find out if there is another terminal programmed with the same host settings as yours and have it reprogrammed with the correct settings

I have a brand new terminal and when I swipe a card through the reader nothing happens.

  • Try inputting the transaction dollar amount first and then swipe the card. EMV regulations require the terminal to prompt for “Amount” before card entry, so new applications will run in this order to comply with the new EMV regulations.
  • You can also run a Card Reader test to make sure the reader is reading:
    • Power cycle the terminal and hold down the “Menu” key as it boots back up
    • Press the “Down Arrow” key one time to bring you to the page containing the “MAG READER” option (Option 2)
    • Select Option 2 (MAG READER)
    • Swipe a card through the reader to test

I have a terminal that is displaying the mesage “POS be attack” “all keys cleared”. What does that mean?

The message is the “Tamper” error. The terminal will have to come in for repair. Contact Support at

I have the contactless reader setting set to “Internal”, but my ApplePay and Google Wallet transactions are not working. Is there another setting that needs to be set to make it work?

There isn’t another setting in the terminal, but Apple Pay and Google Wallet has to be set up with the cardholder’s bank and the processor in order for transactions to go through.

I put in the wrong password and my terminal is locked up. What do I do now?

Power down the terminal and then power it back up again.

I updated my terminal and then had an “Invalid Batch Sequence” issue when I tried to do transactions. I tried advancing the batch number but that didn’t work.

  • Here are some things to think about:
  • Were there transactions in the terminal before updating?
  • If so, did you settle the batch before updating? Or…
  • Did you clear transactions from the terminal by deleting the database before updating the terminal?
  • If you deleted the database, call the processor and have them settle the batch or delete the transactions from the host.

I want to void a transaction, but it’s not an item in the menu. I did find it under the F4 key, but why is it not under the Menu key?

Make sure you have “manual Entry” enabled in the terminal. Once you have done that, it should show up in the Menu.

If there are transactions in the terminal, the terminal cannot be downloaded/updated.

The batch must be settled before the terminal can be updated.

Is there a way to prevent the health report from running?

No. You can set it to run at specific intervals or at a specific time each day, but it cannot be disabled.

Is there a way to Void through the “Function” key?


  • Press the “Funtion Key
  • Select Option 7 (Void)
  • If prompted, input the password and press “Enter”
  • Input the Transaction Number to be voided and press “Enter”

I’m getting a “Bad Credit Batch” message when I try to settle.

This is an indication that the balance in the terminal does not match the balance on the processing host – it’s an “Out Of Balance” message. Contact the processor to reconcile the batch amounts.

I’m trying to load my PAX device and message I am receiving is: “this terminal has not registered”.

This indicates that there is no terminal record built for that terminal in BroadPOS.

I’m trying to load PAX device and I am receiving “this terminal has not registered”.

This indicates that there is no terminal record built for that terminal in BroadPOS.

I’m trying to void a transaction, but when I select “Void” from the menu, nothing happens.

  • That’s because you have to swipe the card through the reader to initiate the transaction. Here’s the correct way to initiate the void transaction:
  • Using the “Up” and “Down” arrow keys, scroll to the “V/Sale” prompt
  • Swipe the card or input the card number and expiration date by hand
  • Input the “Transaction Number” and press “Enter”

My screen is too dark/light. How can I adjust the contrast on the terminal screen.

Do this:

  • Power cycle the terminal and hold down the “Menu” key as it boots back up
  • Press the “Down Arrow” key one time to bring you to the page containing the “LCD Adjust” option (Option 2)
  • Press the “Down Arrow” to lighten the contrast or Press the “Up Arrow” to darken the contrast

My terminal display shows nothing but a row of black squares.

The display is defective and needs to be repaired.

My terminal is displaying “Invalid Batch Sequence” or “. I can’t do transactions.

  • Advance the batch number in the terminal by one:
  • Press the “Menu” key
  • Select Option 5 ( System Settings)
  • Select Option 2 (Batch Number)
  • Enter the Password
  • Select the EDC Host from the list
  • The current batch number will be displayed
  • Enter the new batch number and press “Enter”
  • Press “Enter” to save the change or “Cancel” to discard the change.

What causes Tamper Errors?

  • Tamper Errors can be caused by several things.
  • Someone has actually attempted to breach the device
  • The battery may be dead or damaged
  • The device may have suffered a power surge
  • This may result from plugging in the wrong power supply or from an actual surge of electrical power
  • Lightning striking power or phone lines a hundred miles away have been know to damage or destroy terminals
  • It’s always a good idea to use a good quality surge protector

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