Restoactive’s is our proprietary all-in-one Cloud based easy to use mobile menus and kiosks allow you to redefine your restaurant without changing the way you do business.

Now you can seamlessly add on to you existing legacy POS systems such as Aldelo®, Micros®, Aloha and increase your bottom line with more sales, faster table turnover, improved menu management and reduced labor costs. Our fully customizable digital menus help to enhance the customer experience and make a lasting impression.

Simplicity and fast service

Stand-alone kiosk enables faster table turnover peak hours, fewer mistakes & reduced strain on your staff during busy peak hours. mPOS for servers helps manage more tables and provide a higher level of customer service, a true win-win.

Restoactive is priced from $9 a month, depending on your application and is FREE along with merchant account with Unified Payments.

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