Poynt accepts all of today’s payment types and it’s future proof and ready for tomorrow. Accept credit and debit cards with magnetic stripe or EMV™ chip, ApplePay® through NFC, loyalty and gift cards,
QR code, Bluetooth, digital wallets, and more.


Purpose-built from the ground up with you and your customers’ security and privacy as a priority. The Poynt Smart Terminal meets the highest PCI and EMV requirements, comes with 24/7 fraud and tamper detection, and uses state-of-the-art, end-to-end encryption technologies


Poynt HQ software helps you monitor and manage transactions from any where remove comma, in real time. Poynt also merchants the ability to use third party applications to save time, make more money, and deliver capabilities that catapult your business into the future.


Arrives ready to go with a built-in payment terminal, register, scanner, printer, and optional external printer, and more. Or it can work seamlessly with the equipment you already own. Replace your outdated card reader terminal with Poynt smart point of sale system that will not break you bank. Starting at $350 with 24 month merchant account agreement.

We are happy to announce a new Gift Card application!

Card Issues, Card to Card money transfers, Grow and check your balance - Sage Service makes gift cards easy on Poynt! New application allows merchants to manage and create store gift card programs straight from the Poynt Smart Terminal.

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