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Avoid liability for card fraud with EMV™-enabled card reader terminals. Credit card fraud losses, which topped $10 billion in 2014, typically are the responsibility of the card issuer. After October 1, 2015 fraudulent chip card transactions on non-EMV compliant terminals will result in the liability shifting to merchants, putting their businesses and reputations at risk.

By embracing EMV technology, Unified Payments protecting your business from the liability and your customers will feel better than ever about doing business with you. Unified Payments is offering cost effective and reliable terminals from PAX® Technology:


PAX’s SP30, fitting comfortably into the palm of a hand, offers everything merchants could want in a sleek, stylish payment device, providing access to limitless capabilities while ensuring unsurpassed security and reliability. It redefines the PINPad.

Priced from $169, the SP30, exceptionally user-friendly, provides the smallest footprint with the largest user interface – 128 x 64 LCD with 4 lines of display – to ensure terrific readability and better branding opportunities.

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PAX’s S300 is the latest integrated retail payment solution for multilane merchants who wish to offer high levels of transactional security combined with contactless, e-Signature, magnetic stripe and Chip & PIN. With state of the art levels of security design, including PCI PTS 3.x and SRED, the S300 protects and encrypts all transaction information. Featuring a large colour touch screen and loudspeaker, the S300 comes with a 32- bit ARM11 processor and massive amounts of memory for exceptional multimedia performance.

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PAX’s S900 is the world’s most innovative mobile payment terminal powered by a secure and flexible Linux operating platform, featuring extended life battery, state of the art colour touch screen and GPRS or 3G connectivity. It is the ideal solution for high-end retail and hospitality environments. Priced at $439, the S900 offers inbuilt NFC capability to accept mobile and contactless transactions, a powerful 32-bit ARM11 processor and massive amounts of memory via Micro SD to enable exceptional processing and multimedia performance.

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