Becoming a Unified Payments Independent Sales Organization (ISO) enables you to have more pricing flexibility when you choose to sell Unified Payments solutions to merchants. The types of programs offered ensure that you find a program to fit your needs and objectives. You’ll find we’re an excellent choice for one simple reason.

You don’t have to fit your business into our system we fit into yours.

We offer our ISOs the flexibility to build and grow their businesses. Participate in a proven marketing & sales model with unlimited profit potential. We provide marketing tools, resources and support to sell Unified Payments solutions within your market.

ISO Partnership Features:

  • Choose from a variety of competitive revenue sharing programs for the right compensation model, including risk, no-risk and full-service processing
  • Multiple front-end and back-end processing options
  • Address the needs of nearly every industry, thanks to our comprehensive array of merchant transaction processing solutions
  • Robust online reporting tools designed to give you control of your business
  • High-Risk acceptance program available to select ISOs

Marketing Tools

To help support the business goals and sales efforts of our partners, we developed the Unified Payments Brand Center, an exclusive, dedicated Web site that contains pre-designed sales and marketing materials. The site provides a turnkey solution, where you can view, customize and order printing all in one location. Choose from a vast array of materials: stationery, brochures, direct mail, product sheets, Web materials and more, in different categories including vertical markets, products, services, and terminals.

Netevia HQ

Our continuing initiative to provide better services and resources to help agents prosper begins with Netevia HQ. This secure cloud-based solution provides to both Independent Sales Organizations and merchants an integrated toolkit to effectively manage a variety of sales, operations, reporting, and accounting functions.

Unified Payments Netevia HQ for ISOs is our comprehensive back office solution for Independent Sales Organization. Netevia HQ allows ISOs to board merchants on either TSYS® or First Data® processing platforms. Our merchant underwriting and boarding process is seamless and paperless. Merchant Library allows ISO to safely store and retrieve any agreement, form or contract, related to ISO’s merchants. Our ISOs are equipped with merchant pricing, residuals calculation and risk management modules, which take care of most of their day-to-day operations. Our ISOs can manage your profit by using multi-level, single-click, drill-down navigation to pricing, detail, summary and statement information. With the integration through Priority Payment Systems MXM onto First Data processing platform, Netevia HQ has become one of the few cloud-based systems nationwide, allowing ISOs to board and monitor their merchants on both TSYS and First Data through a single portal.

Potential ISO Partnership Program Benefits

  • Potentially generate more revenue with a generous multi-option compensation structure, including bonus incentives and discretionary residual and retirement buyout arrangements
  • Increase your customer satisfaction with our Customer Service Department that supports merchants 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
  • Expand your ability to serve nearly every industry and process transactions for small- to medium-size merchants
  • Offer a greater breadth of products and services
  • Improve your marketing by leveraging our marketing tools, resources and support
  • Access timely resources for day-to-day management online and enjoy our strong regional support system

Tools and Resources

We measure our success by the success of our agents. In addition to a highly motivating compensation package, we believe it is equally important to have the resources available to help you significantly improve your bottom line. Our resources encompass both traditional and online marketing and sales tools. We continuously strive to provide effective solutions that help you grow your business.

Residual Based Financing

At Unified Payments, we are committed to finding solutions that help our partners grow, and that includes helping them raise money. We have partnered with a lender to offer Unified Loan Solutions, a program that allows our partners and agents to borrow money, usually up to ten times their monthly residual. The borrowing partner’s loan payments are paid monthly from its residuals until the loan is paid off. The partner, by not selling, has retained 100% of its original residuals plus 100% of its growth. Without having to sell your residuals, give up equity and control or embrace an added business partner, you can borrow and grow. Use the money for anything you need to help you grow your business, from marketing to sales incentives, to paying rent.

Contact your Relationship Manager for more information or apply to become our ISO.

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