How to solve the most common payment-related problems when organizing an event?

Event Processing

No matter whether it is about live concerts and sports matches or cocktails and educational initiatives, the truth is that most of us love going to events. Apart from the event itself, a big part of the whole experience depends on the organization, the payment processing services and the smooth operation of the main purchasing points. That is why, event managers’ main goal is to ensure that all registrants and visitors will benefit from a seamless organization, faster and easier services.

The most common payment-related problems when organizing an event

One of the crucial points when it comes to organizing events and their successful management is the way payments are handled. Be it a half-day or a week-long event, the one thing you will need to do is to set-up user-friendly and secure infrastructure. That way you will ensure the satisfaction of your visitors and will make your event known for its professional service. Bear in mind that when it comes to payments processing, taking risks is the last thing you want. Otherwise, you risk facing some of the following problems:

• Troublesome registration and online tickets purchasing

The first impression is the most important one. You have drawn the attention with your event, made the customer visit your landing page and he is willing to buy a ticket. But then some kind of technical glitch happens and the payment is delayed. That will ruin all the positive user experience and may significantly harm your chances of attracting as much audience as possible.

• Slow payment processing on site

The worse thing when visiting a concert or a sports event is to wait in the queue to buy food, drinks, merchandise or etc. due to old-school infrastructure and organization. Using a fast and reliable POS system will reduce the lines and by being able to process payments much faster, will increase your sales significantly.

• Limited payment methods will cause inconvenience

Bear in mind the diversity of the audience at your event. Different age groups prefer to pay in a different way and it is your obligation to satisfy their preferences.
The benefits of state-of-the-art POS infrastructure for your event
The truth is that technology makes event management way easier. Nowadays, one cannot imagine handling the whole transaction process without having a reliable POS system that is able to meet all the audience needs.
Our state-of-the-art POS infrastructure takes care of the whole payment processing process and provides event managers with various advantages, such as:

• Satisfied customers

A satisfied customer is your next customer as well. Our POS system makes the payments faster and easier which prevents the customer from waiting in queues. Instead, he can enjoy your event to the full extent.

• Zero pay program

Fees are the most annoying thing in the world, aren’t they? With our Zero Pay Program, you collect 100% of the sales revenue from your event by passing through a Cash Discount Fee to customers paying with checks, credit or debit cards.

• Secure and stable service

With our POS infrastructure, you get a fast, reliable and secure payment processing system that won’t let you down. When renting our equipment, you will also get a professional technician that will make sure that the whole infrastructure is integrated smoothly.

• All your payments are unified at one place

Our payment processing infrastructure takes care of the whole process – from the moment you start selling your first tickets, to the last drink you sell at your event.

• Complete analytics

Being able to analyze the sales and make strategic decisions on how to optimize the performance is essential to every business owner. Our solution provides the opportunity to collect important reporting, accounting and analytics information and presents it in the best possible way.

Bottom line

Payment processing services are evolving. And so are the needs of your customers. Make sure to optimize your event management process and to be able to satisfy them all.

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