How Thermal Receipt Paper Can be One of Your Best Marketing Tools

Now, before you move your cursor back to the subject line bar, take some time to fathom the possibility that there could be some spot-on insider tip contained and shared here, that just might represent unfathomable progress for your business, in the seemingly oddest of ways. Regardless of how you arrived here, consequently presented with such a unique (go ahead and say it: “crazy”) title, you would be remiss to simply disregard the value of a read. Pass it by, or take advantage of a hidden, but highly effective marketing tool which you can tap into directly, for stupendous rewards and longevity! Got a minute? Read on.

More Than Before

There might have been a time when thermal receipts were presented to consumers as their guaranteed “proof of purchase” for all the possibly necessary reasons. Such limited receipt capabilities were set prior to our modernization, with POS printers that are able to print out fully-customized everything – from text, to images and messages. There is a whole world of possibilities awaiting savvy business owners, for a somewhat subtle, yet profoundly effective (and virtually free) marketing resource. Surprisingly, most business owners are unaware of the power contained within that little roll of thermal receipt paper to advance product marketing, engender customer loyalty and take profits to new levels.

Color Matters

There has always been an unspoken power attribution with color that – when employed with conceptual understanding – speaks to consumers on a level that will draw them and increase any associated product awareness, immediately. Talk about branding – with the dynamic of color printing for the receipts your business presents to customers, there is a huge opportunity for taking simple transaction receipts to a game-changing powerhouse of promotion for your business, your brand. In the most effective advertising, color is combined with print to evoke instantaneous, selling connection-enhancements that trigger recall ability. Product recognition happens on a subliminal level, and value retention is impressively engendered. The most current studies regarding the effect of color vs. b&w on memory alone reveal that there is an inherent draw that color produces within the human brain. And in a powerful sympatico dance, the right brain processes colors while the left brain interprets the written word. When presented in unison, there is a subliminal connection made against which all the late night infomercials cannot stand.

Choose Your Receipt Colors Effectively

Although there are always exceptions, the psychology of colors and their influence upon receptors is pretty standard, as studies reveal, with the following findings:
Red. Evokes hunger, appetite and strong emotions. (Note the prevalent use of this color in so many places.) Pizza Hut, McDonald’s, KFC, Wendy’s, Domino’s, TGIFriday’s, Dairy Queen, Coca Cola, Pepsi, IHop, Burger King, Chili’s, CNN and many more…

Orange. Associated with warmth, enthusiasm and passion. A frequently included sale color. Enticing for young children. Fanta Soda, MasterCard, Fedex, Harley Davidson, Shell Oil Co. + others.

Yellow. An optimistic and warm color that is attention-drawing and promotional. Best Buy, McDonald’s, Wendy’s, Hardee’s, Popeye’s, Shell Oil Co, Bojangle’s and Nerf.

Green. Evokes ecology, health and tranquil living. A popular color for natural and health food products. Animal Planet

Blue. Conveys serenity, trust and dependability. Most loved by members of the male population. Know who relies on this particular color? Facebook.Intel, Flickr, HP, American Express and HBO.

Purple. Associated most with wealth, royalty and achievement. Connotes high quality. Hallmark, Yahoo, Fedex, Cadbury, VIVO and SciFy

Pink. Youthful, lighthearted and the prime color for businesses appealing to women. (ok, no comments,) Barbie, Breast Cancer, Mary Kay, Baskin Robbins, T Mobile, Victoria’s Secret PINK, and many more.

Black. No doubt powerful, black is also quite trendy and elegant. KFC, Puma, Peugeot, Kiss, Adidas, Cartoon Network and Linkedin.

Brown. Find comfort, maturity and dependability. A common color associated with outdoor living, organic well-being and wholesome products. All things coffee, UPS and Hershey’s

Color the Paper

Colored paper rolls are a unique way to make your business stand out, too. They offer a distinctive brand-identifier for your business that offers a more affordable option than color printing, and this concept is so new that you will be a leader, for sure. Make sure you refer to the color table above, to convey the image that best represents your image.

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