Could Your Restaurant Benefit from a Multi-Check Dashboard?

Anyone whose job at one time entailed the arduous days of Excel spreadsheets, and spending hours on end trying to make sensible disbursement tallies from endless cells of numbers pertaining to restaurant operations does not want to be reminded of it. Thanks to modern POS systems — particularly Software as a Service POS systems, all of that stuff is typically built into the software. You can expediently locate any needed report in real time on the cloud, and by using any device, from anywhere. Now, the best POS systems provide a customizable-by-priority POS dashboard for all your reporting, based on the details that work best for you, or whomever is to use it.

How a Multi-Check Dashboard Makes the Server’s Job Smoother

Typically, the amount of time and energy your servers must spend on guest checks — from printing them, to splitting them and closing them out (often requiring more than one payment form,) winds up reducing any opportunities they might have otherwise had to sell menu items. A Multi-Check POS Dashboard makes it possible for your servers to easily add subsequent orders to the check, and at the very same time, they are able to see all their open checks simultaneously, where they can perform a multiplicity of functions on multiple checks. They never have to leave the dashboard, in the former standard requirement of switching back and forth. And from this same multi-check dashboard, each server can print and close out the bill. With this dashboard, management can seamlessly overview each server’s performance for any shift and make key assessments to determine each server’s strengths and weaknesses.

The Dashboard Improves Special Payments

With the POS dashboard, orders are smoother, quicker and almost impossible to screw up. Additionally, the dashboard takes carryout orders consisting of several different orders paid by just as many individual parties to a new level of proficiency, with both pickup and those orders placed in-house. Staff-personalization optimizes productivity, providing the creation of up to thirty commands up for personal touches. The prior tedium of applying discounts, specials, promotions and gift cards is improved, as all become expediently and easily handled.

Dashboard-Facilitated Sales Reports

Obviously, sales are what sustains your business, and are your number one priority. The POS sales report dashboard gives you an excellent overview of every transaction that was completed within a time span which you select. This at one time, would have been more complicated to navigate, and a general headache. The most sought-after POS features to look for include net sales, charged gratuity and tips, total of guests served and table turnover time. It should include the different service types as well as the various methods of payment. Your restaurant’s sales report dashboard will give you an overview created from the operational metrics most important to you. Then, specific categories can include details broken down as finely as you need to develop the most profitable strategies and to operate with the highest level of organization. With the benefit of the multi-check dashboard, managerial diagnostics are best facilitated with the best succinct evidence.

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