How do you set a static IP in the S80 and S90 terminals?

Do this:

  • Press the “Menu”key to access the menu
  • Select Option 6 (Communication)
  • Select Option 7 (LAN Parameters)
  • Select Option 1 (LAN Type)
  • Select Option 2 (Static)
  • Back to LAN Parameters
  • Select Option 2 (IP Address)
  • Input the IP address and press “Enter”
  • Back to LAN Parameters
  • Select Option 3 (Subnet Mask)
  • Input the Subnet Mask and press “Enter”
  • Back to LAN Pasrameters
  • Option 4 (Gateway IP)
  • Input the Gateway IP and press “Enter”
  • Back to LAN Parameters
  • Option 5 (DNS IP)
  • Back to LAN Parameters
  • Press “Cancel” to return to the idle screen

I am doing dial transactions and sometimes my terminal gets cut off during transactions, updates or settlements. I also have “Call Waiting” service on my phone line.

  • Press the “Menu” key
  • Select Option 6 (Communication)
  • Enter the password
  • Select Option 6 (Dial Parameters)
  • Select Option 2 (Dialing Prefix)
  • Press the “0” key and then the “Alpha” key until the “*” (asterisk) comes up
  • Type in 70 so that the screen read “*70” and press enter
    • Or you can type in “1170” instead
  • Cancel back out to the idle screen

I need to use dial communications and I keep getting “Connect Error” messages.

This is an analog phone line (I think). – It may be that the terminal is not hearing the dial tone. Some dial tones may be too “soft” to be picked up. Try disabling the “Dial Tone Check” setting:

  • Press the “Menu” key
  • Select Option 6 (Communication)
  • Select Option 6 (Dial Parameters)
  • Select Option 3 (Dial Tone Check)
  • Select Option 1 (Off)

Is there any way to change the baud rate on the terminal?

Yes, there is:

  • Press the “Menu” key
  • Select Option 4 (Host Settings)
  • Enter the Password
  • Select Option 2 (Host Phones)
  • Select the phone number you want to change
    • Auth Phones.
    • Batch Phones
  • Select which line you want to edit
    • Phone #1
    • Phone #2
    • Phone #3
  • Select option 2 (Baud Rate)
  • Select the new baud rate
    • 1200
    • 2400
  • Cancel out

My IP transactions are failing and the dial backup is not working.

Make sure you have “Dial Backup” set in case IP fails:

  • Press “Menu”
  • Select Option 6 (Communication)
  • Select Option 2 (Backup Comm)
  • Select Option 2 (Dial)

Once you have set that, connect a phone cord to the “Line” port on the bottom of the terminal. Then make sure the other end is connected to a working phone jack. Once that’s done, the terminal will automatically switch to Dial Backup in the event of Ethernet failure.

My IP transactions were running fine, but now I’m getting communication errors. Our IT department did some work on the network and that’s when it stopped working.

Make sure the firewall has not been changed to block the transaction port on the Processor Host server.

My terminal is getting connection errors and is not “DHCP”ing. It’s connected to the same switch as my computers.

A network switch does not assign IP addresses to the devices connected to it, so DHCP will not happen. If you want to use a switch, you will need to create a static IP address for your terminal.

My terminal is getting DHCP errors

Make sure you have an Ethernet cable plugged into the Ethernet Port on one end and your router on the other. Sometimes the phone cable is mistaken for the Ethernet cable. Also, power down the router, wait 20 seconds and power it back up again. Even if other devices on the router are working fine (PC etc.), the specific port you use for your terminal may need to be reset.

My terminal is having connection issues. It was working fine and then it stopped communicating. It gets stuck on “Processing” and after a minute it tells me to retry the transaction.

The first thing to do is to run a PING test. Here’s how:

  • Press the “Menu” key
  • Select Option 6 (Communication)
  • Input the Password and press “Enter”
  • Select Option 7 (LAN Parameters)
  • Select Option 6 (PING)
  • The server URL screen will open
  • http://www.GOOGLE.COM will be displayed
  • Press “Enter” to run the test
  • If the terminal connects with, the word “Success” will appear
  • If the terminal fails to connect to the Google server, the word “Failed” will appear

If the PING test fails:

  • Check to see if other devices connected the router are working properly
    • This will not tell you if the port that the terminal is connected to is working, but if the other devices are failing, it will be a flag that says that there is an issue either with the router or ISP (Internet Service Provider)
  • Make sure that the Ethernet cable is securely connected both to the LAN port on the bottom of the terminal and to the port on the router
    • Just to make sure, unplug and re-plug at both ends
  • Make sure the lights on the router are flashing on all ports with connections
  • Test the cable in another device and/or try a cable you know works
  • Power cycle the terminal
  • * Reset the router (This is usually the issue)
    • Power it down
    • Wait 30 seconds
    • Power it back up

After you do all that, try a transaction again.

If the PING succeeds:

  • The terminal, cable, router and ISP are working properly
  • It’s an indication that there is a connectivity issue at the processing host
  • Contact the processing host and request that they observe a transaction coming in from your terminal

What’s the difference between analog and digital?

Generally, Fiber optics is used in digital systems. Terminals are analog devices, and therefore, require a digital converter to work reliably with digital phone systems. Some people have good luck inserting a DLS filter between the terminal phone cable and the DSL jack, but it’s not a for sure thing that it will work. The reason is that analog communication is a constant flow of data and digital communication is broken down into bits of 0’s and 1’s and is not constantly flowing.
Additionally, there is no set standard for digital protocols among communications companies – every phone company uses something different, so what works in one area may not work in another..

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