Clover® Mini is an all-in-one Android® based system with custom hardware designed specifically for POS

Software that helps you run your business better, using the variety of applications available on demand. While retaining all functionality of the full Clover® station, Clover Mini package is much more compact with the printer built into the hardware. Whether you’re looking for a countertop unit or a mobile POS, Clover Mini has integrated solutions designed specifically for point of sale in a small and attractive package.

After all, it’s not enough for your device to be compact – it needs to stand up to thousands of transactions, safely and securely. Don’t let a spotty Internet connection stop you from taking payments.

Safely and securely

Clover Mini Station will continue to accept payments even if the Internet is down. We have Ethernet, Wi-Fi, and 3G connection options so you can choose the best way for your business to stay online.

Cloud backup for your data: if you lose your device (or, um, accidentally drown it in coffee), you don’t lose your data. We store it securely on our servers so you can always access it from your device or from your computer.

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