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With today’s increasingly competitive market, it takes everything you’ve got, and then some to just stay afloat. The “then some” is all about the way you tap into the most relevant and strategically positioned technology and services that provide the most direct routes associated with your industry — while offering full range customization on a business by business basis. With superior coverage of every basic facet, the critical difference comes down to being supported by the most effective products and bottom line support opportunities possible. No business is pulling in enough revenue to offer yesterday’s restrictive limits of payment forms. When your customers have more payment options, your sales automatically increase, for many reasons.

The Mind of Leading Success Specifics by Industry

The beauty of partnering with Unified Payments is wisdom that can only come from experience-evolved, forward thinking strategies. Your business benefits from Unified Payments’ priority to generate every tool and practice from the most brilliant and fully viable technology possible. Proceed ahead of industry peers, confident that the most advanced wizardry has you covered, at every turn. Your benefits only begin when you sign on with the Unified Payments family.

Shared Pride with Membership

With the advanced security and quicker authorizations that have catapulted United Payments to the top, you are able to direct your focus without distraction to the core of your operations. When you succeed, Unified Payments proudly accompanies you. Because of Unified’s vast expanse of affiliate relationships with companies all across the nation, your business benefits from connecting you with a significant variety of payment solutions. In a partnership where everyone benefits from increased tangible value, you’ll find a solid core rich in member-businesses that expand. And United has your back, with leading technology that ensures your ability to handle more transactions easily.

The Unified Approach

At Unified Payments, your time matters. The focus includes working to ensure that your merchant account is approved straight away, to get you up and running in offering your customers nicely expanded payment options. With the lowest possible processing rates for you, Unified will power your payments, so you can more easily power your profits. Recipient of Gold in the prestigious Best in Biz Awards, Unified enables you to differentiate your cashless transactions by introducing cause-based incentives into the processing of payments. By identifying your business with the support of important charities, you gain value and status as a business that gives back. The actual sponsorship proceeds solely from a donated percentage of standard collected processing fees from merchants — and made solely by Unified Payments, and does not involve a contribution from you or your customers.

Bringing Welcome Big Biz to Small and Medium Enterprises

Member merchants automatically see benefits, from expanding to offer their customers United Payments’ solution, with moving to a friendlier level of service, via United’s robust suite of more inclusive cashless payment processing, including prepaid cards, gift cards and more. Where credit card processing can become laborious in certain circumstances, requiring the merchant to submit additional information with each transaction, you’ll be able to capture and transmit this data without extra effort, and also qualify for the best discount rates possible. Merchants see fewer chargebacks and fraudulent transactions, as well.

Unified Payments Solutions – The System that Conforms to Each Business’ Way of Doing Things for Seamless Integration

Think of your Unified Payments system arriving to your business as a blank slate – but unlike a truly slade devoid of anything, your POS apps give you options, support and information that accelerates how you store every bit of information about your business and even how you can utilize it in your most profitable interests. Your Unified Payments POS seamlessly conforms to your way of doing business, with all the bells and whistles to set you ahead within your industry.

Welcome to the Big World

A real boon to small and medium merchants, proprietary analytics of Unified Payments’ POS systems make you privy to never before data in multi-report forms to give you more control. With insightful reporting, you can analyze every segment of your business’ performance and arrive at the most prudent conclusions. With greater insight, you’ll be able to address concerns and prevent problems before they occur. Not only can you track the profitability of your business on a current basis, you have the immediate ability to view and keep up with performance on a year by year basis, and even check to see where you line up against other area businesses like yours. You have a way to even track your presence among social media as well as monitoring your competitors.

It’s all About You

Because every business is unique, and because not everyone assimilates information in the same manner, the integration of your own specific touches allows you to process information the way you need it and put your POS to work in being your most effective tool in generating growth as well as keeping great relations with your customers, through amazing details. You’re in the driver’s seat, fully equipped with details that nurture the merchant-customer relationship in a way that lets them know they are not forgotten, and that their preferences and habits are important to you.

More Control Equals Revenue Boost

The control is all yours, to fully customize your POS screen displays with the exact information you choose to offer – for clerks and servers, as well as for shoppers. Add your unique logos and graphics to everything – from receipts to pricing labels. Reap more revenue from greater direction for articulating both markups and discounts. Appoint different ordering levels, categorize the suppliers according to price for painless buying. It only takes a few minutes to enter in new inventory, customer details and employee information, and once you have it, you can immediately access anything you need, with unsurpassed ease and precision.

The Repurposed Wallet: Where Plastic and Cash is Headed, Rapidly

Technology is changing every aspect of our lives, and it is making big changes in the way we shop and pay for purchases. Pretty soon, you won’t even need a wallet. You’ll be able to do everything with your smart phone or tablet.

Here are just a few ways that payments are changing, creating a whole new “wallet” for consumers:

Cashless Transactions

Fewer and fewer people are using cash to pay for their purchases. Most people use credit cards or debit cards to pay, even if the purchase is only a couple of dollars. In fact, most people scramble to look for an ATM when they have to use cash, such as when paying for parking or buying a quick snack.

Smart Phone Payments

There are so many apps that it’s become a cliche. Whatever you are trying to do, there’s probably an app for that. Many businesses have apps that allow customers to not only order online but to also pay. That includes businesses that have typically only served customers in person, such as fast food joints and coffee shops. For example, you can use an app to order and pay for your Starbucks coffee. You just have to pick it up when you come in the store.

With these apps, you don’t have to take any payment out of your wallet. Everything is digital, saving you time and hassle.

Multiple Ways to Pay

Traditionally, your options for payment have been cash, check or credit card. But more options are now available. Paypal has become a popular way to pay online. Many businesses now allow you the option to pay with your Paypal account at the register. Paypal even offers a credit card that is linked directly to your account. In addition, Bitcoins are growing in popularity as a form of virtual payment.

Your customers have more and more options to make payment easy. Make sure you are keeping up with the times. Use a point-of-sale system that accommodates multiple payment types and development an app for your business to order and pay.

Take Fuller Advantage of Your Business’ Analytics

Analytics can provide important information to help you analyze your business’ performance. However, the kind of analytics data you get depends on the type of software you have. It is essential that you invest in the right software so you can get the right information and make the right decisions for your business.

Here are a few ways that you can use analytics to strengthen your business and reach your goals:

Inventory Management

Analytics information can show you what stock is moving and in what quantities. The information will show you average times for stock to sell, average times for new orders to come in, and much more. You can use that analytics data to better manage your inventory, ensuring that you have the stock you need when you need it.

Proper usage of the data will help you meet your customers’ demands and save money. You won’t waste time or money ordering inventory that doesn’t sell, and you won’t lose money because you don’t have items in stock that your customers want to buy.


Your analytics will also show you what you are selling and when you are selling it. You will learn your average transaction values, the best times of day, week or year for sales, and much more. You can use that data to schedule personnel appropriately so that you don’t waste money on payroll by overstaffing.

Marketing Efficacy

By analyzing your sales data, you can determine the efficacy of your marketing campaign. You can compare the sales data to periods when you started a new campaign, and you can track sales of the specific items you were promoting. You can use this information to make tweaks to your marketing campaign as necessary, ensuring that you get the most out of every dollar that you spend.
Make sure you are getting the best analytics data you can by investing in the right point-of-sale system. With the right system, you will get all this analytics data and more, as well as offering your customers multiple ways to pay.

Game Changing Integration of the Payment Process is Here

You need more than a payment processor to make your business successful. You need a control center that can take payments and do much more. Fortunately, today’s point-of-sale technology looks beyond simple credit card processing. Here’s the way advanced POS technology is changing the game by offering a range of services integrated into one tool:

Inventory Management

You are already ringing up every sale with your POS system, so why not use it to manage your inventory, as well? The right system can keep track of every item that is leaving your store and compare that information to your remaining stock. The system can make intuitive decisions about re-ordering stock based on what you have and based on the sales history.

With the right system, you can make your business more successful by boosting sales and reducing loss. You will have the stock you need to meet demand and won’t waste money by keeping stock around that’s not selling.

Business Analytics

The right POS system doesn’t just keep track of sales; it can also provide valuable analytics to help you monitor your business’ progress and identify areas for improvement. You can keep track of the average cost per transaction, when your busiest times occur, how sales change in response to marketing campaigns, and much more. This is valuable information that can take you a lot of time and money to compile on your own. With the right system, you have all the information you need at the touch of a button.

Fraud Detection

There are a number of ways that your business can fall victim to fraud, either by customers or employees. Your POS system can help you detect fraud, either through fraudulent payments or through inventory loss. By catching fraud early, you can save yourself a lot of money and prevent serious problems.

Do your research to ensure that you are finding the right POS system that offers you a full range of features to grow your business. With the right system, you get multiple tools in one, making your operations more efficient and saving you money.

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